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Welcome to Amy's Right Touch Nails & Body

Simply the Best

Welcome to Amy's Right Touch Nails & Body

Shine from Hand to Toe

Welcome to Amy's Right Touch Nails & Body

Time to Treat Yourself

About Us

Amy's Right Touch Nails & Body brings you a New Brand of salon, a uniquely vibrant and relaxed environment with a modern luxurious feel back to our industry. We have an exclusive vision to recognize and re-establish what the industry has been lacking for many years. Our priority is to make our clients feel pampered and relaxed while getting beautified here at our salon. We will maintain our progressiveness and edginess by creating the latest trends and offering an unforgettable experience throughout your stay with us. You belong here, you belong in luxury, you deserve pampering and excellence.

We make it our core commitment to provide a comforting yet professional ambiance, while preserving the luxurious and modern salon etiquette. Our salon is proud to have passionate and diverse expert technicians always ready to service you. Thank you for choosing us for your beauty care!


Our Services

"Make time for yourself"

Salon Sanitation - What Sets Us Apart From Any Other Nail Salon In Chattanooga!

At Amy's Right Touch Nails & Body we pledge to follow industry-leading hygienic standards and to use the highest level of sterilization and sanitation practices to insure your safety and peace of mind. Our commitment to your health and well-being goes "above and beyond".

We have UV tabletop tool sanitizer cabinet sterilizer, and barbicide.

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